The Blasted Lands

Doing Good Deeds

For Fun and Profit

After spending a couple weeks recuperating, the party set off to the north, attaching themselves to a caravan organized under Merchant House Vennakir. After negotiating with the caravan master, Vennerin, they were allowed to travel with at no charge, pledging their weapons in case the caravan was attacked.

Halfway through the journey, a group of shadowy assailants fell upon the caravan. The party fought and killed those who attacked the rear of the caravan train, where they were, and the enemies were similarly driven back elsewhere. Examining the bodies, it became apparent that they were assassins from the Order of Reneer, who had been hired for some unknown purpose. Vennakir approached the party, explaining that they had a powerful magical artifact under their keeping, and requested that they hunt the enemy group down and try to divine their purpose in attacking.

The party tracked the Reneeri through the Blasted Lands, before eventually coming upon their camp. Here, the assassins had an enormous ape chained and covered with magical tattoos. The party fought and defeated the group of Reneeri, learning from a captive that their orders were held in a magical scroll. Additionally, they discovered a large group of people who had been taken as slaves.

The scroll simply said, ‘Once you have the item, bring it to the Eldarondian Consulate in Dallen City.’

The party continued on with the group of slaves in tow, and arrived at Dallen City themselves two days later. Here, they reported to Vennerin about the disturbing note found on the Reneeri, before collecting their well deserved reward.



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