The Blasted Lands

The Opening

Dead bodies, corrupted wolves, and fearful halflings. All in a day's work.

The party responds to a posting about investigating a recently destroyed farm near Tennavir Freehold.

Along the way they encounter a corrupted wolf, which is almost dead.

When they reach the farmhouse, they discover 8 dead bodies in the cellar, and find evidence of a fight of some kind outside as well.

They follow tracks from the outside fight to a group of bandits, led by a man named Kaleb, who claims they weren’t responsible for what happened. They also claim (unconvincingly) that an unknown crazed person attacked them, and the halfling Gareth fought him off.

They lead the party to a pool of corrupted water, Talon Fireflare grabs Gareth, intimidating him and stealing a small pouch out of his coat.

Pouch contains a scroll from his mother.

Party approaches pool, feels a presence observing them.

They are attacked by zombies, but defeat them.

Afterwards, they report back to Ka’Steel Frostfear and collect a reward.



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