Adara Stil


Age: 24
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 135 lbs

Major Abilities

Constitution (16)
Wisdom (17)

Major Skills

Arcana (7)
Endurance (9)
History (7)
Insight (9)
Religion (7)

Weapon/Implement: Staff of Divinity
Armor: Chainmail
Jewelry: Amulet of Protection


Adara was the son her father, Vasher, never had. Her mother died giving birth to Adara and Vasher, too grieved by his beloved’s death, never re-married. Though many criticized Vasher for allowing a small girl to sit in his smithy, Adara spent most of her early childhood watching with fascinated intrigue each piece of work her father created. As soon as she was able, Adara was often found stoking the fires, fetching wood and water, and passing tools to her father when needed. At the young age of 14, Adara made her very first weapon, and as she grew older, she transformed from Vasher’s extra set of hands to his apprentice. Under her father’s steady gaze and always in the glowing light of bubbling iron and steel, Adara learned the very core of a blacksmith’s way of life – quiet, strong, and with an enormous respect for every weapon forged.

When she was 21, Adara fell incredibly ill and was put to bed for a week. Every slumber that she fell into was rattled with horrifying dreams of a brutal war and every moment awake she felt a burning anger that could not be explained. One sleep, while the dream war was raging, Adara watched as a spear, crackling with raw energy, seemed to escape her hand and turn into a deadly bolt of lightning. Adara started awake filled with a powerful adoration for a God whom she never thought she would know or love. Adara wept tears of reverence with the knowledge that Kord had chosen her to be one of his honorable servants.

Shortly after recovering from her illness and knowing she would never learn to wield the weapons she had learned how to so carefully make, Adara set out to the nearest Monastery. There she learned learned Kord’s teachings and basked in the knowledge, respect, courage, honor, and devotion to battle. She studied for almost two years before heading out on her own toward Tennavir Freehold. There, she began working for the Guard and on the odd occasion would indulge herself by stopping at any of the local smithies to lend a hand.

Adara Stil

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