Brunhilda Glargor


Age: 25
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 195 lbs

Major Abilities

Strength (20)
Constitution (13)
Dexterity (15)

Major Skills

Acrobatics (3)
Athletics (11)
Endurance (8)
Heal (6)
Insight (3)

Weapon: Great sword +1
Armour: Razor Armour


Brunhilda was born into a ruling family of a clan of orcs. One of six siblings, one elder sister and four brothers, and parented by her orc mother who ruled the clan wisely but with a tight fist. Brunhilda followed long standing tradition and trained as a fighter; combat skills are greatly valued in this, and every orc clan, as living in the Blasted Lands constantly exposes them to danger from corrupted beings.

Two months after Brunhilda’s twenty-fifth birthday, her mother fell ill with little hope of recovery. On the morning after her death, Brunhilda’s sister Kertah challenged her to a fight to the death. The winner would gain control over the clan. Brunhilda was surprised at this as Kertah, as the oldest female, would be the leader of the clan upon her mother’s death traditionally. However, Kertah feared that Brunhilda would challenge her claim and felt that surprise would be her only advantage against Brunhilda’s superior fighting skills. Kertah was correct in assuming her betrayal would shake Brunhilda’s confidence, yet Brunhilda succeeded in pinning her sister to the ground positioned to kill. Despite her apparent victory, Brunhilda was unable to kill her sister. Taking advantage of this momentary weakness, Kertah landed a blow that should have mortally wounded Brunhilda. Kertah ordered the dumping of Brunhilda’s body outside of tribal lands leaving Brunhilda to die alone in the Blasted Lands.

But Brunhilda did not die. Once conscious, she tended to her wounds and began to wander. As Brunhilda wandered, she was tortured by her loss of family, possessions and desire to kill. Peering over the Blasted Lands, Brunhilda decided to make her way to the only settlement visible, Tennavir Freehold. She was able to enter the city and walk along the alleys without running into a soul, until a bottle soared past her ear followed by shouts of a somewhat demeaning nature. She proceeded to beat the bottle-throwing gnome to within an inch of his life. Uncertainty of the laws and level of prejudice in this city and simply the lack of desire prevented Brunhilda from finishing the gnome off. Seeming to have earned the gnome’s respect, the gnome invited Brunhilda to join him in a tavern. With no other prospects, Brunhilda joined him. Over the following months, they found a way to earn some coin with the city guard. While working with the gnome a transformation occurs within Brunhilda, her desire to kill begins to awaken…

Brunhilda Glargor

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