Koron Saig

A white-haired half-elf with a scholarly look about him. He does not stand much taller than his High Elven ancestors. He is always seen with a hand on his sword hilt, a shield slung over his shoulder, and a book in tow.


Height: 5’6"
Weight: 160
Age: 25

Strength 11
Constitution 16
Dexterity 12
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 10
Charisma 18

Major skills

Acrobatics (6)
Arcana (7)
Bluff (10)
Diplomacy (12)
History (7)

Harmonic Songblade

Light shield


Koron was born as a child of two worlds, but found solace in only one. Though unaccepted by his high elven heritage, the humans he grew up with found his exotic elven features, and charming personality to be both pleasant and endearing. He developed a love of stories and knowledge of the greater world and soon became a font of knowledge himself. When a traveling minstrel passed through town, when he was fifteen, he found himself enamored of her abilities to weave music, tale, and lore into one art form. He joined her and a loosely tied bardic college and began his training. He learned to evoke arcane power from song, studied ancient elven swordsmanship, and gathered a considerable amount of lore about the larger world. Ten years passed and he parted ways with his mentors.

Koron chose to travel the wilder lands, to study unexplored regions and discover new forms of magic. It was only a few months into his journey did he happen upon an unlikely friend. A young dragonborn, the same age as Koron when he began his training, named Talon Fireflare who was milling about a small town. The half-eladrin bard befriended the young swashbuckler and they became fast friends. They worked together in a number of small jobs matching Koron’s swordsmanship with Talon’s quick knifework. Eventually they found themselves in Tennavir Freehold. Once there, they joined a group of unlikely companions…

Koron Saig

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