Talon Fireflare


Age: 15
Height: 6’ 0"
Weight: 200 lbs.

Breath: Acid
Weapon: Dagger
Armor: Leather
Unique Item: Extendable 10-foot pole

Enemies: Gareth


Talon is a young Dragonborn that just reached the age of adulthood. His pass has not been that of an average Dragonborn, growing up in a proud, family-oriented home. With the family name of “Fireflare” it was expected that his breath would be that of flames. It was soon fond out that Talon did not breath fire, but acid. This, as well as his “stunted” growth, made him the shame of his family. His parents torerated him because he was blood, but his brothers and sisters ridiculed him whenever they had the opportunity.

Only wanting to bring pride to his kin he trained hard. Because of his stature and natural atheletic ability he was a skilled rogue and such trained as one. He because vary skilled in his trade. When the time came that he became of adult age he left his family. Not wanting to cause them anymore shame he decided it best that he leave.

One day while in a tavern a bard approached him. Not thinking much of it he started conversing with this bard. After a few drink he found out this his name was Koron. Koron seemed like an increbily intellegent person. After a few more drinks and a few far tales of adventures and their fortunes Talon knew what must be done. He must travel the lands performing good deeds so that him name becomes well known. He would carry his family name with pride hoping that one day his tales of good deeds would get back to his kin and him family would think better of him.

Talon Fireflare

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