The Blasted Lands

Doing Good Deeds
For Fun and Profit

After spending a couple weeks recuperating, the party set off to the north, attaching themselves to a caravan organized under Merchant House Vennakir. After negotiating with the caravan master, Vennerin, they were allowed to travel with at no charge, pledging their weapons in case the caravan was attacked.

Halfway through the journey, a group of shadowy assailants fell upon the caravan. The party fought and killed those who attacked the rear of the caravan train, where they were, and the enemies were similarly driven back elsewhere. Examining the bodies, it became apparent that they were assassins from the Order of Reneer, who had been hired for some unknown purpose. Vennakir approached the party, explaining that they had a powerful magical artifact under their keeping, and requested that they hunt the enemy group down and try to divine their purpose in attacking.

The party tracked the Reneeri through the Blasted Lands, before eventually coming upon their camp. Here, the assassins had an enormous ape chained and covered with magical tattoos. The party fought and defeated the group of Reneeri, learning from a captive that their orders were held in a magical scroll. Additionally, they discovered a large group of people who had been taken as slaves.

The scroll simply said, ‘Once you have the item, bring it to the Eldarondian Consulate in Dallen City.’

The party continued on with the group of slaves in tow, and arrived at Dallen City themselves two days later. Here, they reported to Vennerin about the disturbing note found on the Reneeri, before collecting their well deserved reward.

The Birds
Millet, chicken fingers, and cold blooded murder. Racism against fictional species? A-Ok!

Two weeks have passed since the corrupted pool, and the party spends their time doing odd jobs (or selling carriages). Koron decides he’d like to write a paper on the history of the nearby Orcish tribes, but Brunhilda is ambivalent at best. After a short discussion on their way of life (and the injustices of the so-called ‘civilized’ peoples), they leave the subject alone.

Eventually, Ka’Steel approaches Adara, and tells her that the city guard has reason to believe that a group of Kenkus who arrived three weeks ago may be in league with whatever force is driving the attacks on the outskirts of Tennavir Freehold. He names two in particular, Gerrias and Hent.

The party decides they’d like to spend the night drinking, but before they can begin to get particularly rowdy, Talon‘s keen dragonborne eyes notice two Kenkus eyeing the party suspiciously. The party sets up to take action, but the combination of Salazar buying them millet and Talon drunkenly offering them free meed spooks them, and they run off into the night. Luckily Talon is able to quickly and quietly follow them, and watches as they use a secret entrance built into a tailor’s shop.

The party catches up, and decides to take this opportunity to confront the Kenkus. They make their way through the back entrance, and contain the Kenkus under a trapdoor. Then they loot the place.

As they finish looting, the noise wakes up whomever is in the second floor of the shop, and another group of Kenkus come down. Ignoring Koron’s calls to find a diplomatic solution, the second group lights the building on fire. Eventually they are defeated, and the two locked in the cellar are apprehended, along with one of the other group.

As the building slowly burns, the town comes alive with people, and Ka’Steel comes running, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He listens to the party’s story, growing more angry by the moment. Realizing that time is likely of the essence, he stabs one of the Kenkus in the throat, and it gurgles as it slowly dies. Grabbing a second terrified bird, he drags it into a house, and its series of short screams quickly die off. Finally, he grabs the third, drags it into the house, and five minutes later comes back with information on a meeting that was supposed to happen on the outskirts of town.

The party rushes to the location, setting up an effective ambush, which kills the majority of the enemy group. As they question this group about who hired them, one of the Kenkus dies, blood spilling from its mouth and eyes. They examine its body, and find a burning symbol engraved into its neck. After realizing it’s some kind of powerful ritual which will stop the Kenkus from revealing the identity of who hired them, they return to the town, inform Ka’Steel, and rest and recover. Koron spends the night huddled in his books, before finally finding the symbol — the Seal of Tannen, a powerful court wizard of the old Darien Empire.

The party decides to gear up and travel north. The closest province is the frontier province of Dallen. Who knows what the party will encounter on their way, and whether they will be able to gain access to libraries which could give a glimpse into how to undo the ritual the Kenkus are under.

The Opening
Dead bodies, corrupted wolves, and fearful halflings. All in a day's work.

The party responds to a posting about investigating a recently destroyed farm near Tennavir Freehold.

Along the way they encounter a corrupted wolf, which is almost dead.

When they reach the farmhouse, they discover 8 dead bodies in the cellar, and find evidence of a fight of some kind outside as well.

They follow tracks from the outside fight to a group of bandits, led by a man named Kaleb, who claims they weren’t responsible for what happened. They also claim (unconvincingly) that an unknown crazed person attacked them, and the halfling Gareth fought him off.

They lead the party to a pool of corrupted water, Talon Fireflare grabs Gareth, intimidating him and stealing a small pouch out of his coat.

Pouch contains a scroll from his mother.

Party approaches pool, feels a presence observing them.

They are attacked by zombies, but defeat them.

Afterwards, they report back to Ka’Steel Frostfear and collect a reward.


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