12 Day War

The 12 Day War took place 300 years ago, after the awakening of the primordial known as Kra’Aan. A titanic battle was fought between the gods and this primordial, which lasted 12 days. Eventually the gods, aided by the world spirits, defeated Kra’Aan and killed him.

“Moradin had spent the first few days of the war crafting powerful weapons for his fellow gods. His work finished, he brought the assorted implements near to where the battle was raging, taking up a mighty hammer and flashing forwards in a blur. He struck a tremendous blow towards the ground, and the earth shook before splitting in two. The Kordentide mountains slid down into the vast crevice, along with Kra’Aan himself. In one moment the father of the Dwarves had destroyed the Hosskheft empire, and slain four million of his lesser kin. He had no time to grieve however, his blow had bought the rest of the gods a scant few minutes before the primordial would claw its way out. They appeared next to the pile of weapons Moradin had brought, travelling leagues in the blink of an eye. While they took the time to heal the terrible damage Kra’Aan had inflicted on Gruumsh, Kord strode forth to take up a spear, crackling with lightning. He drew it back as Kra’Aan crested the edge of the horizon, and heaved it forwards. In the air the spear turned into a bolt of lightning, blinding any who still lived to see the spectacle. The spear found its mark, and drew a deafening roar of fury from Kra’Aan’s mighty form, now once again risen half a league above the ground. The battle was sure to continue for many days, but Moradin’s work meant that the tide had begun to shift. By the time the world spirits rallied with the gods on the ninth day, victory was all but assured.”

- Chronicles of Kasstenwick the Blind, 6 TC

As a result of the magical energies that were released, the continent of Thuria was covered with Corruption.

The end of the war is considered the first day of year 0 in the Time of Corruption (TC).

12 Day War

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